Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Entry 4

The fairytale Cinderella, both the Disney version and the Grimm version, was about a girl named Cinderella who had become a servant for her stepmother and stepsisters. At one point there was a ball because the prince needed to find someone to marry, so when Cinderella’s stepfamily wouldn’t let her attend the ball, she magically transformed into a beautiful maiden and went to the ball. There, the prince decided that Cinderella was his soul mate though he wasn’t able to figure out her true identity until the slipper that Cinderella had left behind had been placed back on her foot. And there, Cinderella and the prince got married and lived happily ever after. But is this realistic? Could this actually happen in real life? Of course not! A poor servant girl would never be able to clean up as well as Cinderella that instantly. Even if somehow she miraculously would, it is doubtful that a rich man would stop in his tracks and say I’m going to marry you. I find it impossible for someone to go “from rags to riches” just by first impression. If anything, the only way someone could come into a lot of money so fast would be if they won the lottery. Some may point out the movie Pretty Woman about a stripper who fell in love with her client after only several days of knowing each other. I believe it is possible that that could happen, but it is a slim chance. I find it so unlikely that a poor woman would be able to fall in love with a rich man so fast. The fairytale Cinderella gives children false hope about their futures, making them think that no matter what, men will love them as long as they are pretty.

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