Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Entry 8

The two stories of The Frog King and Cupid and Psyche have many more differences than similarities. One of the few similarities between them are that the main girls in the stories are the most beautiful of all the three daughters from each family. Also, when the girls discover their destinies to marry ugly men, they were not looking to find companions, though the men that wanted to be with the two girls were desired their companionship. In both stories, the parents really push the relationship on the girls as well. In the end, the two girls discover that the men they thought they did not want to be with were actually attractive and the girls eventually fell in love with the men.
Most of the plots for each were different from each other. First of all, the Cupid story dealt with Greek Gods and Goddesses and the Frog story only dealt with a magical frog. Secondly, the girl’s family from the Cupid story thought the girl should kill her destined companion, while the girls family from the Frog story pushed her to stay in the relationship because she made a promise. Also in the Cupid story, the girl accepted her fate to marry someone who is ugly, but in the Frog story, the girl tried to avoid being with the frog as much as possible. The girl from the Cupid story believed that her destined companion was ugly because she was told by him to never look at his face, while the girl from the Frog story knew that he was ugly because he was in frog form when she met him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Cartoon

The cartoon I chose is a social cartoon. I chose it because I thought it was funny how Little Red Riding Hood is portrayed as the bad guy and it relates the classic tale to what might occur in modern day events. The roles have now been reversed and the wolf is the innocent victim and Little Red Riding Hood is the evil villain. In this day and age, people assume others are suspicious when they wear things that can hide their face and they act like they have something to hide. Coincidentally, Red Riding Hood wore a red hood that might have partially covered her face and she carried a basket that might have had more than just cake and wine. If you think about it, it is does seem a little suspicious how a hooded girl was walking through a dark forest by herself.