Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Entry 5

            Both the Disney and Grimm versions of Snow White were similar in many ways. Each was about a beautiful young girl who was taken into the forest by a huntsman after he was told to do so by the evil queen. The evil queen had wanted her dead because the mirror said that Snow White was more beautiful than the evil queen. The huntsman felt so bad for Snow White that he let her run away into the forest where there she found the house where the seven dwarves lived. The seven dwarves came home after a day of work to find Snow White sleeping on their beds. When she awoke, the seven dwarves and Snow White made a deal that she could stay and live with them as long as she kept house for them. When the evil queen found out Snow White was still alive, she disguised herself as an old lady and came to give Snow White a poisonous apple. Snow White took a bite of the apple and fell down dead immediately. The dwarves put her in a glass coffin and one day a prince came to see snow white. She later awoke and the prince and her rode off on a horse to live happily ever after.
            There are several differences though, and the reason Walt Disney decided to make them was probably because he wanted to make the story have more of a flow and make it sound more romantic. The first difference was that in the Disney version, Snow White met the prince at the beginning before the queen had sent her off to be killed, while in the Grimm version, she did not meet the prince until she was awoken later in the story. Another difference was that in the Grimm tale, the evil queen came to sell things to and kill Snow White twice before she came with the apple. In the Disney version, the evil queen only came that one time. Lastly, a huge difference between the two tales is that in the Disney version, Snow White was awoken from the poisonous apple spell by true loves kiss, but in the Grimm version, she was only awoken until the piece of apple was dislodged from her throat. These two tales were similar in many ways but there were also several main differences as well.

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